This Guest Star ‘Lost Sleep’ over Getting Role Next to Matt LeBlanc in FRIENDS

Kristin Davis says she couldn’t sleep because she was so nervous about her guest spot on Friends. In 2000, the former Sex and the City star played Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc) girlfriend, Erin, in one episode of the hit NBC sitcom.


“I remember losing sleep. “Sex and the City were being made, but I was nervous about playing the small role of Erin, losing sleep, partly because of the live audience and partly because you’re in a world that has already been made that is so alive and specific that you want to make sure you fit in there right,” Davis said.

The actor said she wasn’t sure if her jokes would work on the popular show.

“I remember, like, ‘Will I set that joke up okay? Will Matt be happy? Will I go blank?’

“When you’re in a high-stress situation like that, you think about many things. “At that point, it was clear that it was the best of the best,” she said.

Davis became well-known as Sex and the City’s Charlotte York from 1998 to 2004.

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