Matt LeBlanc’s Father Alleges That His Son Wanted to Fight a Co-Star Friend Matthew Perry

Given that Friends was one of the most popular comedies to appear on television, it was no surprise that fans were fervently hoping to see a reunion show. For ten seasons, audiences followed these six friends as they navigated friendship and life with witty banter. Off-camera, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) even referred to Chandler (Matthew Perry) as his younger brother. Paul LeBlanc, Matt LeBlanc’s father, had an entirely different account.

According to Paul LeBlanc, who spoke to Radar Online, Matt wanted to punch Perry a few times because he and Perry didn’t always agree. He continued by saying that Lisa Kudrow was always a favorite of Matt’s but that David Schwimmer was “sort of dry, a bit too serious.” Perry, for his part, hasn’t made any negative remarks about LeBlanc in the media either. However, according to sources, Perry will reveal all the juicy details about his Friends co-stars in his upcoming biography, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. The memoir will be made available in November.

It should be noted that Matt LeBlanc’s father left when he was a little child; nevertheless, the two later made up. According to reports, the son bought the father a vintage Porsche and a six-bedroom home in Colorado, but over time, in revenge for a breach of trust, he cut the father off, locked him out of the house, and forced him to sell the car. Supposedly, Matt said:

“He was a ladies’ man. Now he’s man. Now he’s old. I don’t talk to him. You can learn valuable lessons from unpleasant people too.”

In the meantime, the rumor mill confirms Perry’s camp-aligned rumors. Regarding Perry’s forthcoming memoir, one insider claims:

“Matt is about to have a bad surprise. That betrayal’s complete narrative hasn’t been revealed yet, and Matthew won’t hold back.


According to the source, Perry will be open in his memoirs and shed light on what transpired following the show’s finale because LeBlanc launched his spinoff series, Joey, behind everyone else’s back. Perry did not mention anything on the reunion special last year to avoid controversy, but he is prepared to clear the air and won’t hold back.

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