Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown is Rumored to Join Star Wars

Without question, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. There is no doubt that the young British actor will soon have many offers, given that Stranger Things only has one season left. One of them might be from Star Wars.

According to the UK’s Daily Mirror, Brown and her father have previously discussed joining the franchise with Disney execs. Franchise chief Kathleen Kennedy is known to be close friends with her father, Robert, who also serves as manager.

This information was provided by an unnamed source who claims that Disney is eager to take advantage of Brown’s appeal to younger viewers and that a sum of “£ 12 million minimum” will be offered, which translates to $14.7 million US.

According to the insider, “Millie is on Disney’s radar for the next Star Wars projects.” She has spoken with Kathleen, who knows her wish to appear in a film or have a significant role in one of the upcoming TV shows for Disney Plus.

Could Millie Bobby Brown make the transition to Star Wars from Stranger Things?
Disney and Lucasfilm are developing several upcoming Star Wars projects. Still, it is unclear if Brown will feature in any of them, including The Mandalorian, or anything brand-new.

Patty Jenkins and Taika Waititi are both producing Star Wars films at the theatres; Waititi’s film is based on the Rogue Squadron video games and books. Additionally, movie projects from Rian Johnson and Kevin Feige are in the works. Disney+ is also preparing episodes of Andor, Tales of the Jedi, Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew, and Lando.

Brown would be an excellent fit for The Acolyte, another Disney+ program. Leslye Headland, co-creator and executive producer of the Netflix series Russian Doll, is working on the “female-centric” series, unveiled in 2020. The television show would transport viewers to a “galaxy of hidden secrets and growing dark-side powers in the latter days of the High Republic era,” 100 years before The Phantom Menace.

Disney is reportedly eager to spend a lot of money, regardless of where Brown ends up, to ensure that she becomes their next big star. The Mirror claims:

The Disney executives know how much of an icon she already is for the audience of people aged 10 to 30 and the attractiveness that she provides. She could quickly get $15 million for a debut movie or television show. She doesn’t even need to try out; it’s more about how well she gets along with the director. She possesses the gravitas to maintain leadership in that universe.

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