How I Met Your Mother: Why Robin Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

Robin Scherbatsky was Ted’s main love interest on How I Met Your Mother.

Robin Scherbatsky charmed the How I Met Your Mother audience with her tough personality, pop singer past, and dreams of making it big in the world of broadcast journalism.

At times, HIMYM felt just like Friends, as the two sitcoms shared several elements. But while it would be easy to point to Ted Mosby as the main character on How I Met Your Mother, there are many reasons suggest that Robin may be the protagonist who fans were most invested in.

10 Her Love Story With Ted Was The Framework Of The Whole Show

A blue French horn doesn’t seem very romantic at first glance, and it’s definitely a super random object. But it means a lot to How I Met Your Mother fans because Ted took it from a restaurant to give to Robin. It became a part of their love story, and it’s possible to view the whole framework of the show as being based on Ted and Robin’s relationship.

9 She Showed A Lot Of Character Growth

Robin wasn’t someone who was nice on the surface and then had nothing going on underneath. She had a strong personality and flaws that fans could relate to. Robin can be seen as the main character of How I Met Your Mother because she experienced so many changes. The woman who Ted met in the pilot is not the same person who he reunited with in the finale. For one thing, Robin swore she only wanted to date people casually, but then at the end of the series, she got married and then committed to Ted.

8 She Loved Two Of The Other Major Characters

Robin was such a big part of Barney and Ted’s stories. Barney needed to fall for her and marry her in order to get rid of his immature “bachelor” ways, and Ted learned a lot through the “will they or won’t they?” tone of their romance. Robin inspired so many important lessons in these two characters.

7 She Moved Away From NYC But Came Back

The fact that Robin came back means that she can be considered the protagonist of How I Met Your Mother. After all, if she had moved to another place and stayed there, it wouldn’t have felt the same and she would have been given less screen time. Since that didn’t happen, she continued to be a big part of the sitcom’s friend group.

6 She Was A Great Contrast To The Other Characters

While Robin got along well with her friends and loved spending time with them, it’s definitely true that she was different from them in many crucial ways. While Lily and Marshall were soulmates who got married and had kids, which allowed the show to explore the elements of true love and family, Ted was always single and looking for The One. Robin, on the other hand, wasn’t sure if marriage was right for her, and she went through a lot as she considered the different options available to her. Fans know that she married Barney and that things didn’t work out between them, and she and Ted found their way back to each other again. Robin’s story was a big contrast to the others, so that suggests that she was the main character.

5Many Jokes Were At Her Expense

From her past as Robin Sparkles and her song “Let’s Go To The Mall,” How I Met Your Mother often poked fun at Robin’s days as a pop singer. The gang really couldn’t believe that she had ever sung such cheesy tunes.

4 Her Story Sometimes Mirrored Ted’s

While many people would say that Ted was the main character everyone rooted for on this show, it’s true that sometimes, Robin and Ted’s stories seemed pretty similar. Ted was dating and looking for the right person, and so was Robin, even if at first she thought that she didn’t want to get into anything serious. They both wanted to excel and move forward with their chosen career paths, and they also loved being part of their friend group and living in New York City. If all of that meant that Ted was the main character, why not Robin?

3 She Played A Crucial Role In Most Of The Season Finales

  Most of the show’s season finales focused on major events happening in Robin’s life, which suggests she could be the main character. In the first season finale, Ted realized that he still loved Robin. In the second season finale, Robin and Ted talked about having kids, and they decided to split up. By the fourth season-ender, Barney had realized that he liked Robin as more than a friend. In the fifth season finale, Robin learned that her dream career position was within reach.

2 The Final Season Was Focused On Her Wedding

While Barney and Robin’s love story had problems, it was still an interesting creative choice to have the entire ninth season be about their wedding day. Since the final season was focused on Robin’s wedding, that points to her being the main character. If Ted was the main one, why wasn’t the last season about him? These last episodes could have easily jumped into the future and showed him meeting the Mother, marrying her, and starting their family. Instead, the last season was totally focused on Robin.

1 She Had Some Secrets

From not telling the gang that she used to be a pop singer who performed in malls to learning that she couldn’t have children, Robin kept some secrets from her good friends. A main character is a complex and layered person who doesn’t always tell everyone everything about themselves, so this is another case for Robin being HIMYM‘s protagonist. She wasn’t someone who was nice on the surface and then had nothing going on underneath. She had a strong personality and flaws that fans could relate to.

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