Jennifer Aniston, 53, Shares the Product She Uses on Set

In The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston’s performance as news anchor Alex Levy is unique, just like her glowing makeup. The 53-year-old actress is known for more than just her Rachel Green haircut from the 1990s. She also has glowing skin. Thanks to an Instagram Story by Jennifer Aniston and her makeup artist Angela Levin (US Weekly), we know that Tatcha’s The Serum Stick is the secret to her perfectly dewy skin on screen.

Tatcha’s The Serum Stick is the clear star of the show when it comes to Alex Levy’s makeup look. Levin, whose other clients include Nicole Kidman and Allison Janney, uses it to prep the star’s skin and make a “dewy cushion” for applying makeup.

As you may have predicted, this isn’t your average serum. It is made to brighten the area around the eyes and make the skin smooth and hydrated so that makeup can go on better. Plus, it comes in a stick form that is more concentrated than a liquid or gel.

This information came from Instagram. You might be able to find the same information in a different format or more details on their website.


With all of this component, it’s no wonder that Aniston’s skin glows no matter what her character goes through.

And it’s safe to say that Aniston is not the only one who loves the product. Even reviewers can’t stop talking about it. “I LOVE this product,” one person writes. One reported that their skin “drank it up” and looked refreshed the next day. The funniest bit is that it doesn’t cause zits or clogged pores. ”

Aniston has never given us bad advice about skincare and makeup. If you want skin like Jennifer Aniston’s, check out some of her favorite products below.

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