Unpopular Opinions About Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby told Robin Scherbatsky and Tracy McCerbatnell about his journey on How I Met Your Mother. Even though he’s not completely bad, many fans think he’s not perfect and is too much of a typical “nice guy.”

Even though the end of the series was good, it was rushed.

When the mother died in the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, many fans were upset because they thought it was too sad. A fan said in a Reddit thread that they thought the end of the series was fine. But the main problem was that too much information was given in too little time. If Ted, Robin, and Tracy’s stories had had more time to develop, the audience would have been happy.

Ted should have joined Victoria.

Another Reddit user wrote, “Not sure how they could have made it last for nine seasons, but still,” implying that he should have picked Victoria. Many fans love Robin and Ted’s love story, but others wish Tracy had lived so he could have spent more time with her.

When it came to Robin, Ted was too dreamy.

He had high hopes for Robin. One Reddit user said, “He wanted to be with her, but if he loved her, no one could stop him or make him change his mind.” Either that, or Ted likes the idea of love, but he has made it sound too good to be true.

Ted is funny and sweet at the same time.

Not everyone likes Ted, and many people don’t like his thoughts about love. Someone who likes HIMYM and posted in a Reddit thread said Ted is funny and romantic. “I was surprised to discover that most people don’t like him,” they wrote.

Zoey and Ted should have been together.

A fan said on Reddit that Zoey was their favorite of Ted’s girlfriends. Fans will remember Zoey from Season 6, when she was an activist who made Ted’s life hard by not letting a hotel be torn down so that he could build a building in its place.

The first few seasons of Ted were better than the later ones.

Another fan of “How I Met Your Mother” said he was a better character in the first few seasons. At the show’s end, they said he was “way too into Robin.” People usually think that he was always a bad guy, so the idea that he got worse over time is a new point of view.

Ted and Robin may only get together at the end of the show.

It made sense for Ted and Robin to get back together in the series finale. A Reddit user said they weren’t ready to be together in their 20s. “After each of them got the happy ending they had hoped for, Together, they could have the happy ending they wanted, “the fan said.”

Ted is a character you can relate to.

“One of my favorite characters is Ted because he reminds me so much of myself. Because Ted is flawed and makes mistakes, he is liked by them. People don’t like him because, among other things, he complains too much, pines for the same girl (Robin) for too long, and falls in love too quickly. On Reddit, a fan wrote that they felt sorry for Ted and explained why.

Tracy or Robin shouldn’t be with Ted.

What if Ted’s two principal romantic interests aren’t suitable for him? A Reddit user said something that wasn’t very popular. More information about what the viewer was thinking was given: “If Tracy had been The One, Ted would not have been able to move on and return to Robin. If Robin had been The One from the start, Ted would have never married Tracy. Since “The One” doesn’t exist, neither of them is “The One.” It’s a message that’s bittersweet but ultimately satisfying. ”

Ted’s ending isn’t so happy or romantic, after all.

A fan on Reddit said that the ending of Ted and Robin isn’t so lovely after all. They said that because they had to be apart for a long time and then get back together. It wasn’t as exciting or romantic as the show makes it out to be.

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