Friends: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chandler & Joey’s Apartment

Friends is a ‘hangout’ comedy classic. The gang began as roommates or neighbors and became friends and family. Chandler and Joey rarely had the team over.

Joey and Chandler’s apartment was a mess. Apartment 4 (or 19?) had speckled walls, Rosita, a broken door, and illegally kept pet birds. Monica and Rachel tricked the boys into abandoning their purple-walled sanctuary.


Friends get criticized for showing unemployed/low-paid characters in large apartments. Chandler and Joey’s huge apartment was also unrealistic.

Joey’s Phone Number Is Forgotten

Chandler walks Joey through adulthood on their last night as roommates in apartment 19. They cover rent, phone, and electric bills.

Moving Toilet

Chandler and Joey’s toilet moves between episodes. In season 5’s “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS,” the bathroom door opens from the bathtub’s entrance. In the next episode, Joey falls asleep on the next-to-the-door toilet.

Decoration Names

Rachel learns Joey has named their apartment decor when she moves his Barcalounger to make room for the couch. Rosita’s recliner is Stevie’s TV. Rachel breaks a chair and watches Joey mourn.

Pet duck mystery

At the end of season 3, Joey gets a pet chicken, which drives a wedge between him and Chandler. Chandler takes Yasmine to the store, learns what happens to unwanted birds, and buys a Peking duck.

Address Changes

Two neighbors lived in ground-floor flats. Joey and Chandler live across from Monica in apartment 4. Monica and Rachel’s balcony had a great view, and the gang didn’t seem to mind spying on the guy across the street.

Eddie Menuek’s dismissal seemed easy.

Chandler had Eddie Menuek’s belongings removed when he wouldn’t leave. Eddie was no ordinary man; he dehydrated fruit stole mannequins from Macy’s and named his pet goldfish cracker Chandler.

Oven Contents

The series’ kitchen got progressively stranger. Fans noticed a peculiar object in Joey’s oven in season 10. After much speculation and debate, the thing was a yellow M&M La-Z-Boy Dispenser.

Chandler’s entry was blocked.

In season 1, a TV blocked Chandler’s doorway. Chandler had trouble entering and exiting his room before the TV was installed.

A Little Microwave

Season 4’s robbery revealed Chandler’s guilt for kissing Joey’s girlfriend behind his back. He filled their apartment with gadgets, electronics, and two microwaves.

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