Kaley Cuoco’s Furry Family: Meet Her Pets

Animal lover! Kaley Cuoco has been a good dog and horse mom to her ever-growing menagerie of pets. I can’t say how many I have because I’m afraid they’ll come knocking and say it’s too many. The former Big Bang Theory star joked in February 2021 to Variety. Cuoco, who has horses and dogs as friends, and her now-ex-husband Karl Cook first became close because they both liked animals. After three years of marriage, the actress from “Flight Attendant” filed for divorce in September 2021. Must love dogs is number one,” Cuoco told Us Weekly in 2016. The equestrian she met at a horse show that same year “checked that off pretty quickly.”

Set Pet

The actress’s Chihuahua, Dumps, often comes to work with her on the HBO Max show Meet Cute. Even a leader’s chair with his name on it was made just for him by the props department.

Mutt of Love

Five months after, they told everyone that Norman had died. Cuoco and Cook got a new dog named Larry.

Kiss Kiss!

“Take your kid to work day,” Kaley wrote with a photo of Dumps on Instagram in October 2021.

Galloping Friends

In April 2021, Cuoco posted a picture of herself with her horse Zee-Yah on Instagram.

All Dressed Up

In December 2018, two of Cuoco’s dogs wore bowties, hats, and necklace chains for New Year’s Eve.

Pool Pits

The rescued pit bulls, Shirley and Norman, swim almost every day, even when it’s freezing, Cuoco told Us.

Pet Pipsqueak

Cuoco was “all about big dogs” before she got “little snowball” Ruby.

Having a good time

In May 2017, Shmooshy, a dwarf horse, joined the family.

Expert Equestrian

The fit star says that “horseback riding five days a week” along with cycling and yoga helped her get her abs in shape.

Neighs and Nuzzling.

She said a ride in 2017 was a “major cuddle fest.”

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