The Big Bang Theory: 9 Times Sheldon and Amy Proved They Were Couple Goals.

Even though Sheldon was a little strange on The Big Bang Theory, he found love with Amy Farrah Fowler thanks to Howard and Raj. Sheldon’s lack of commitment was sometimes problematic for Amy to deal with on the show, but the two understood each other better than anyone else because they both loved science and had brilliant minds.

9. Sheldon and Amy got along right away from the first meeting.

Fans didn’t know what to expect when Sheldon and Amy first met, but when they heard their first conversation. They were just as surprised as Howard and Raj that they got along well. Fans could tell from how Amy talked that Sheldon had found a woman who was a lot like him.

8. When Amy and Sheldon were sad, they helped each other feel better.

Sheldon has always been a pretty unsympathetic character, and in the first few seasons, he had a hard time understanding how people felt, so he turned to “social convention” to figure out what to do. For example, you could bring them a hot drink when someone is sad.

7. Sheldon’s mother, Amy, is the first person she goes to when he needs help.

In “The Empathy Optimisation,” when Sheldon was sick, the rest of the group went away for the weekend because they couldn’t stand him when he was ill. He asked Amy instead of Penny or Bernadette for advice because he knew Amy knew him best.

6. Being awarded the Nobel Prize

Sheldon and Amy both liked science and respected each other’s fields of expertise. In one of their best episodes, they also won a Nobel prize. To achieve their goal, they had to work together, talk about their frustrations, solve problems as a team, and finally share in the success of their hard work.

5. Amy’s Care by Sheldon

Fans will remember when Amy was sick and lying on the couch, and Sheldon offered to help her. Even though taking care of Amy was part of their deal, he did it because he cared about her.

4. Amy is acting like she doesn’t care about the Xbox vs. PS4 argument.

While he and Amy were out to dinner on a fun date night, Sheldon discussed whether to reach the new Xbox or PlayStation 4. Even though they both liked science, there was one thing that Amy wasn’t too interested in, and that was games. Amy just wanted the butter.

3. Not Taking The Nobel Prize Without Amy

Sheldon and Amy both worked hard to get their Nobel prizes, but only Sheldon was first named in the recommendation letter. Sheldon refused to take the recommendation because Amy’s work wasn’t recognized. Instead of taking the prize and making an excuse, he didn’t want it.

2. When Sheldon did something nice for Amy,

One of the best things about Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was that they did many small things that meant a lot to each other. It didn’t have to be a home-cooked meal.

1. When Sheldon saw Amy in her wedding dress, he was shocked.

Choosing what to wear to your wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to do. When Amy, Penny, and Bernadette went shopping for a wedding dress, Amy wasn’t sure about her choice. But everything changed when Sheldon came into the apartment for the first time and saw her.

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