From child star to lifestyle Guru – A look back at Mayim Bialik’s career

Look back at #BlogHer16 keynote speaker Mayim Bialik’s transformation from child star to adult celeb.

Bialik was reared as a Reform Jew and was born in San Diego. In an interview in 2015, she said her first name is the Hebrew word for water.

A look back at Mayim Bialik’s career — from child star to lifestyle guru

Her first significant film appearance came in 1988’s Pumpkinhead after gaining roles in The Facts of Life and Beauty and the Beast.

She followed up Pumpkinhead with an Oscar-worthy performance as young CC in Beaches.

Naturally, her flower-hat-wearing, funk-dancing role on Blossom is what made her a household name.

Bialik made appearances on programs including The John Larroquette Show and 7th Heaven after Blossom’s run ended in 1995.

Voice career

She also had a prosperous voice acting career, bringing life to several animated characters, including Maria from Hey Arnold.

In addition to performing, Bialik pursues scholarly pursuits and graduated from UCLA with a Ph.D. in neuroscience in 2007.

And, of course, everyone now recognizes and adores Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory.

Since we first met Amy during that secret coffee meeting with Sheldon, hasn’t she come a long way?

Numerous public talks by Bialik have covered a range of subjects, including parenting, science, and religion.

Her lectures evolved into a popular blog that discusses topics like Hollywood, religion, and attachment parenting.

Several novels by Bialik have been released, including Beyond the Sling (2012) and Mayim’s Vegan Table (2014).

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