Al Roker and John Cena squat for a three-rep record.

John Cena recently discussed fitness and exercises you can perform at home on the Today Show. He demonstrated bodyweight motions to three trainees as he led them through various exercises.

Simply put, the entire video is all John Cena. He makes several jokes and explains each exercise in a way that only Cena could. Even for the absolute beginner, he provides instructions on how to practice his workout movements. The Al Roker squat then occurs in classic John Cena style. Even while the squat PR is not a 304lb Cena grab, it is still outstanding.

I’m just trying to get you a better body,” Cena chuckles as he completes a Roker PR for three repetitions. Where do you purchase Al Rokers, I wonder? I desire a better physique. Will I require a weightlifting belt if I’m new to the Roker squat? Aside: In contrast to the low-bar Roker squat, His Roker squat looks like a high-bar version.

I enjoy two things about this video, in addition to the actual Roker squat. I find it hilarious that they used the word “hoist” because I am a strength athlete. The phrase “Hoist” makes me think of Thor hurling kegs 30 feet into the air. As Today’s headline declares, John Cena Demonstrates Quick Fitness Moves (And Hoists Al Roker).

The expression on Roker’s face just before he is squatting is my second favorite scene. Roker must now concede defeat and allow the squatting to continue. Because, let’s face it, you can’t see John Cena; you’re not going anywhere.

On a more serious side, it’s great to see Cena educating the public about fitness. He has a broader audience than most, which helps promote fitness guidance and recommendations. Because strength athletes don’t refer to squats as “hoists,” you can only appreciate strength training and being a strength athlete after watching films like this.

Cena is a multi-talented individual. It appears that Roker can do anything, including acting, wrestling, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and squatting.

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