Harry Potter’s Miriam-Margolyes Attends Her First Pride Celebration at Age 81: ‘I’m Proud’

In an episode of the documentary series Australia Unmasked, Miriam Margoyles said that her mother was “devastated” when she initially came out as a lesbian.

It’s never too late to participate in Pride celebrations, as Miriam Margoyles demonstrates!

The 81-year-old actress discusses her coming-out experience and delves into the background of LGBTQ+ rights in Australia in a new docuseries titled Australia Unmasked.

According to PINK News, the program shows Margoyles attending her first Pride march in Hobart, Tasmania. She can be seen there waving multiple rainbow flags while seated in a wheelchair.

“The racist state where many of my new friends were raised has virtually disappeared. Even though the battle has not yet been won, I am proud to roll or march beside them. The most progressive LGBTQI laws in Australia are presently found in Tasmania. “According to the source, Margoyles makes a statement in the episode.

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Margoyles also discusses how her mother was devastated when she revealed that she was a lesbian elsewhere in the episode. The Harry Potter actress and Heather Sutherland have been together since 1968.

She says, “I told my mother, and she was very distraught.” “Jewish parents raised me. You’d think that since my father was a doctor, he would be somewhat knowledgeable.”

“But when it was his daughter, no, not at all. Nothing was possible, “Adds Margoyles.

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Tasmania was the last state in Australia to decriminalize homosexuality in 1997, claims Rodney Croome, a Tasmanian LGBTQ campaigner the actor met during the docuseries.

According to Croome, there were sizable anti-gay rallies in Uvelstone while attempting to decriminalize homosexuality. “In the late 1980s, hundreds of protesters from all over the world converged on the municipal center. The speakers were stirring up even more hatred among the crowds. People shouted, “Kill them! Kill them!” amid the masses.”

But according to PINK News, the island state has advanced. It now has several regulations protecting the LGBTQ population, including a provision that will no longer need transgender people to have surgery to have their legal gender recognized in 2019.

“It was an honor to have Miriam Margoyles highlight how Tasmania has gone from worst to best on LGBTIQA+ human rights,” said Croome on Twitter after the show aired.

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