John Cena Performs A 160kg (352 lb) Power Clean To Celebrate His 41st Birthday.

Oh yes, it’s once again that time of year.

John Cena, a professional wrestler for the WWE, likes to remind people this time of year; the best way an athlete who adores the gym could celebrate his 41st birthday was how Cena did it yesterday.

Cena gives off the impression of being strong, but how does this strength translate to the big three and things like the Olympic lifts? If you haven’t seen Cena’s past lifting videos, settle down because you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by just how dynamic of an athlete he is. Cena posted two videos of himself lifting for his birthday celebration on his Twitter account yesterday. In the first, a 162 kg (352 lb) power clean is performed.

Was his physique the purest possible? Although not required, that is a respectable amount of weight for an athlete whose training is not entirely centered around weightlifting moves.

[Check out some of Cena’s previous Olympic lifting videos when he cleans an effortless 150kg (330lbs) and snatches a solid 137kg (304lbs)!]

Get the word out about how great hook-grip deadlifts are! Cena uploaded a deadlift video that shows off a simple 226 kg (500 lb) clean grip deadlift triple in addition to his power clean. Although the weight is astonishing, we believe that Cena Hook’s ability to hold onto it is even more remarkable.

Since this isn’t Cena’s first birthday celebration with amazing strength feats, I said in the introduction that it was that time of year once more. He performed an incredible deadlift for his 40th birthday last year, lifting 272 kg (602 lbs). Visit the link above to see the deadlift in action.

Before jokes about “the bar floating.”

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